Where words fail, music speaks

We source your favourite vinyl records and turn them into a totally unique and timeless piece of art 

Where words fail, music speaks Where words fail, music speaks Where words fail, music speaks Where words fail, music speaks
Disc effect Disc effect

Striking custom vinyl wall art

Music and memory are intertwined in a way that’s impossible to untangle.

Our bespoke vinyl record art captures those memories in a truly unique way and is the perfect gift for yourself, friends, family and the hard-to-buy-for.

You customise every part of your vinyl art to create an exclusive and unparalleled work of art. From your favourite and most significant records, to the eye-catching illuminated lyric and the colour of the neon effect LED light.

Whether you want a dazzling centre piece for your living room or an eye-catching statement for you bar or business, our wall vinyl art makes a stylish impression.


You Sexy Thing 08

Own a truly bespoke piece of art

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Animated disc cover

Build your bespoke, one-of-a-kind piece

Your vinyl record art is custom-made so yours is a one-off piece. You first choose which authentic 45rpm  singles will hang pride of place on your wall, then pick the overlaid lyric or song title, and finish with the bold colour of the neon effect LED light. Each piece also comes complete with a Bespoke Vinyl Art record as a sign of authenticity.

The final piece is a work of art that truly means something to you and serves as a unique talking point that captures attention and transforms the look and feel of any room.



3x3 3x3


Nine of your most memorable songs framed and overlaid with a lyric. This piece is 618mm x 618mm.



4x4 4x4


If nine isn’t enough, choose 16 songs alongside your favourite lyric. This piece is 820mm x 820mm.


6x6 6x6


Our signature and most impactful piece, choose 36 of your favourite songs with room for a longer lyric too. This piece is 1219mm x 1219mm.

Music that makes memories

At the heart of each piece are the records that mean the most to you. Whether it’s the song from your first dance, your mum’s favourite single, or the hit that was number one the day your kids were born. You can choose the songs that are unforgettable.

Where words fail, music speaks
Disc effect Disc effect
Disc effect Disc effect

Lyrics that cut through the noise

The finishing touch is your neon effect LED lyric. It can be from one of your chosen records or another one that you can’t get out of your head. We take your lyric and shape it into a bold, eye-catching LED light that looks just as good switched off as it does illuminated. You choose the colour of the light too so it suits your colour scheme.

Tequila 12

Frequently asked questions

How does each piece attach to the wall?

We fit your piece upon delivery, so you don't have to think about doing it yourself. Each piece comes with an aluminium bracket, plugs and screws as standard. Other fittings options are available if required. You need a standard three pin plug for the LED to work. The wire can be easily hidden with cable pins and trunking for a seamless look.

How much does each piece weigh?

The smallest 3x3 piece weighs roughly 4kg,the 4x4 piece is approximately 8kg, and our signature 6x6 piece weighs around 12kg.

Is there an on/off switch?


What is the average time for manufacture and delivery?

Generally we work on a three to four week lead time.

Do you fit my piece on delivery?

Yes. We currently deliver within the UK (excluding Northern Ireland) and offer fitting as part of the delivery service.

What if you can't find my chosen records?

When you pick your singles we ask for an extra two to eight song titles so we always have options just in case we can't find your first choices. If you would like suggestions or are looking for ideas, talk to us. We can advise you on things like which records will look good together, complimentary titles, or simply another title that fits your theme. We love music and have got loads of records in stock so we can help you find your perfect arrangement.

Do you create pieces for businesses?

Whether you own a bar, hotel or restaurant, our bespoke pieces can be made to suit your interior design and décor. We’ve also got a selection of limited edition readymade pieces available for immediate purchase. These pieces are released on Instagram, so keep an eye out for your chance to buy a limited piece of art.

Does the light have a light bulb? Why do you not use neon?

Neon lighting looks great but it is extremely fragile. Neon has a short life and is susceptible to breakage if touched. Our LED neon effect lights are a modern alternative using low voltage environmentally friendly LEDs and advanced manufacturing techniques to create beautifully, high impact signs without the complications of neon.

Disc effect Disc effect
Disc effect Disc effect

So, which songs will it be?

Tell us which of your favourite records and lyric you want and we’ll get back to you with a quote.

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